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AllanTopol.Com: Allan Topol's Newsletter DECEMBER 2003

Everything is on schedule for the January 6th release of Conspiracy. Judging from the strong advance orders, we are expecting a large initial printing.

I have placed the prologue of Conspiracy on my website.

You can access it here.


With respect to possible appearances, on October 27th I taped an appearance on a Montgomery County, Maryland cable television station that was aired several times for a couple of weeks. On November 12 I spoke at the JCC book festival in Washington. On November 13 several organizations invited me to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for an evening at which they had an audience of one hundred twenty.

As of now, here are my scheduled speaking and signing appearances for Conspiracy:

  • January 10, Barnes & Noble, Rockville, MD from 1-4 PM;
  • January 13, Barnes & Noble, 12th and E, Washington, DC, 12:30 PM;
  • January 22, Barnes & Noble, Citicorp Center, 53rd & Lex, 7 PM;
  • January 31, Brentano's, Century City, Los Angeles, from 3-5 PM; and
  • February 5, Barnes & Noble, Pikesville, Baltimore, MD, 7-9 PM.
  • To take advantage of the fact that Conspiracy involves a presidential election, Penguin Putnam, my publisher, plans to give away copies of the novel to reporters covering the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary in January.

    One more bit of exciting news. I have begun writing a weekly column of news analysis for a popular website which serves the military. You can access it at www.military.com. My columns deal with international geopolitical issues. The first three are entitled “Is It Really A New China?”, “Who Will Succeed The House Of Saud?” and “Why Turkey?”. I hope that you will visit this site and read the articles. There is no cost.


    “Is It Really A New China?”

    “Who Will Succeed The House Of Saud?”

    “Why Turkey?”