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AllanTopol.Com: Allan Topol's Newsletter JULY 2003

My next novel, Conspiracy, will be released on January 5, 2004. The release date is timed to coincide with the start of the American presidential primaries because the novel concerns a Presidential election. The publisher’s one liner for Conspiracy is: “Did the Presidential Candidate commit suicide, or was he murdered?” This book will also be released as an original mass market paperback by Penguin Putnam. The preliminary cover art looks great.

In succeeding issues of this newsletter, I will tell you more about Conspiracy.

In the meantime, Dark Ambition, is continuing to sell. There is a saying in the book business that paperbacks have the shelf life of dairy products. Not so for Dark Ambition. Most recent sightings have been at the Safeway food store in Sand Point, Idaho, the Maui Airport bookstore and Compass Books at the San Francisco Airport. Not bad for a January 6 release.

Dark Ambition recently received a boost from an incredible review on Amazon.com by Newt Gingrich, whom I have never even met.



Spy Dance: Speech By Allan Topol

When I was on my way to the office this morning, I walked through Lafayette Park across from the White House. As I reached Pennsylvania Avenue, I saw the most astonishing sight. A young woman, who was drop dead gorgeous, took off all of her clothes and raced across the street—totally naked—toward the guardhouse in front of the White House.



In the meantime, I’m ready to get started on a new project. Despite the serious issues of the day, it begins with a naked woman racing across Pennsylvania Avenue.