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Washington Operator Reviews

"Topol's 'The Washington Operator' a taut political thriller" - Paul Collins for Nashua Telegraph

In the literary world of these fast-moving times that see the proliferation of techno-thrillers that are often too reliant on, and weighed down by, sweeping technology that leaves reader's heads spinning, veteran Washington lawyer and bestselling novelist Allan Topol's latest offering, "The Washington Operator" is as refreshing and welcomed as a cooling rain shower on a hot and steamy summer day. For much like Daniel Silva, the dean of the international intrigue genre, Topol gets better with each new entry. With "The Washington Operator," his fifteenth outing, he delivers his most exciting and entertaining effort yet. This is a scorching and sordid political thriller that is peppered with enough treachery and nail-biting intensity that it needs no assistance from technological props to bolster it. From start to finish, it is a timely and frightening tale that provides enough twists and turns to satisfy anyone's craving for Beltway intrigue as it hurtles along at breakneck speed.

The premise of the novel is one that places the thought in the collective mind of readers of having them imagine the international nightmare that might result were China and Iran to ban together to take down the Royal House of Saud, and thus be in total control of Middle East oil. Furthermore, what if the fate of such an invasion and takeover hinged on the participation one American citizen?

Readers are introduced to George Corbin, an unscrupulous, greedy self-serving, powerful political lobbyist and long-time Beltway insider who has reached the lofty heights of power that make him a golfing partner of the President of the United States. Nobody knows Washington as Corbin does, and he is the ultimate villain in this tale of treachery; in every way, George Corbin a Washington operator.

Facing serious and life-altering money problems, the result of having gone through three very expensive divorces that are coupled with his obscenely lavish lifestyle, Corbin is summoned to a secret meeting in Paris, and is thrown a financial lifeline from Lui Guan, a ruthless high ranking member of China's Foreign Ministry, and former head of Chinese Intelligence. Aware of Corbin's political clout and influence in Washington, and his acute need for money, China dangles a $20 million payoff to Corbin that is predicated on him mounting a covert lobbying initiative that would successfully influence the American President not to provide any military intervention to save Saudi Arabian in the wake of a Chinese-backed invasion by Iran. At that heart of the plan, China stands behind the scenes using Iran as a puppet in order to gain control of the rich Saudi oil reserves.

Enter Kelly Cameron, an attractive, intelligent single mother, and powerhouse FBI agent who first appeared in Topo's novel "The Washington Power Play." Cameron is a rising star in the Bureau, and she learns of the secret Chinese-Iranian plan that has been hatched, and that has the clock to the invasion of Saudi Arabia ticking down quickly. Not knowing exactly what China is planning, she is frantic to discover and stop a scenario that will change the international political and economic landscape in a disastrous way. Kelly enlists the aid of Ester, an operative in Israel's intelligence agency, the vaunted Mossad, who has been engaged in a long-time love affair with Ali, a man who is a high ranking member of the Iranian Foreign Ministry, and who secretly hates the regime in Tehran. Together, Ester and Ali implement a daring plan to stop the ticking clock, and bring down the villainous Corbin.

Topol adds another dash romance into the exciting recipe as Kelly meets Richard Weller, a student of Middle East History at Merriweather College in Maryland who was, for 12 years, a CIA agent operating in the Middle East.

Combining intense suspense with touches of romance, Topol spins fictional gold as he takes the reader into the shadowy world of international espionage and political intrigue. He populates the story with a cast of richly drawn and credible characters creating an atmosphere of tension that crackles like a crisp autumn night in New England.

Asked about what he thinks differentiates and sets "The Washington Operator" apart from other political thrillers, Topol says, "I have been a partner in Washington's largest law firm for more than 30 years, dealing with international legal issues as well as public policy issues in Washington. As a result of my background, The Washington Operator contains an insider's view, and how the top levels of government function." With respect to his inspiration and creative writing process, Topol shares, "The inspiration for my novels comes from my work in Washington as well as my intense reading of history and public affairs." In response to the question of what made him feature China in the book he says, "I decided to feature China because the US China relationship in this century is the single most important geopolitical issue."

Topol is a storyteller who paints vivid pictures with his words, and crafts them in a way that takes readers by the hand and leads them into locations that are so real that they can totally experience what the characters in his story are living through. Of this he says, "I strive very hard for authenticity in my scenes. In order to achieve that I visit, often more than once, all of the places in which scenes are set in the novel."

"The Washington Operator" is a high-velocity political thriller from a gifted novelist who is at the top of his game. With stunning execution and attention to detail, Topol has created a powerful and alluring novel that is thoughtful, ambitious and credible in a way that makes him the Robert Ludlum of these times. I devoured this latest book from him. "The Washington Operator" is one that deserves to be at the top of your summer reading list. Paul Collins is a freelance writer from Southborough, Massachusetts.